Start Up

Guide used by successful CEOs of startup companies

Many investors start up hoping to make profit within the first three months, however reality check sometimes does not agree with them. We love to celebrate the success of companies that survives the start up bleaks and who against all odds survived and registers itself through success.

Behind the scene of a successful business:

Discipline:  This is a value most successful investors imbibe; they have tamed the urge to lose focus. This is not only a virtue an investor must possess it has to be entrenched in the core value of the business. There are always tempting offers calling for the business attention, they look enticing but it kills the dream and vision of the company.

Commitment:Investors who persevere and believe in the vision of the business makes a head way in the battle for survival. Tough times will surely come, discouragement, rejections, and setbacks, the commitment of the leader and the company towards it ideology and vision clears the way for success.

Investing in people:  Modern thoughts have included people has a factor of production, this goes beyond getting the best hands. This involves getting people to be part the business, by rewarding them appropriately has at when due, building loyalty and ownership among them.

Imbibe a corporate culture:  Corporate culture can should be communicated and practiced from the top down to the bottom of the companies’ structure. A good investment in the culture will definitely reap gains. They might seem intangible but it translates to habits, values and believes. If the culture is this “we can do it and we will succeed no matter what the obstacle might be” the culture which represents doggedness will enable them to prevail over circumstances that prove to be a barrier.

Leverage on timing:  Time is irreversible, making the best use of it and knowing its value is very important in business. Certain opportunities come with time; some offers come with time likewise. Knowing when to act and wait is necessary. It is best to make judicious use of time, opportunities and chance that is available. Procrastination harms business in diverse ways, it is advisable to avoid missing schedules and deadlines. And totally avoid passing quality time in idleness.

Have a Blue print:  A plan is could be the business model you plan to adopt and execute. Be it from Harvard Business School or from a successful reputable Blue Chip company in your line of business. Adopt it well and follow the process thoroughly, if it is adopted well then success is guaranteed. However the danger with models is that some factors that engineer the success are not usually mentioned. Most times they are intangible attributes embedded in the core values and culture of the organization.

Act:  A word meant for action. Always  act fast on the idea and plan at hand. Of what use is your plan and idea without the action to back it up. Most investors spend more time pondering over a plan, and idea without putting an action plan in motion. To succeed you need to act.

Knowing what will keep your business knowing is a step in the right direction. However implementing the success tips is only a means to get you to the desired achievement.

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