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Flipagram for PC Download – Mac and Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Flipagram for PC is available for download on Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This free app  is a great photo and video sharing application, that is fun, interesting and easy to create.

Most of the apps like Flipagram does not have the full features and benefits the app has, that is why the app is one of the most downloaded app on the apps stores.

Create stories with pictures turned into a short video, featuring narrations, effects, music and cool text to balance.

YouTube has it own stars, to be a flipstar create awesome and amazing video and picture content your community will love, once the editors take notice of it you can be featured and be sure to have more people taking interest in your Flipagram.

How to use Flipagram

Once you have created an account, login to start creating amazing Flipagram.

The first step is to select from your bouquet of pictures and videos, content you wish to share.

Select from Facebook, YouTube, Camera roll, Albums and Instagram.

The next step is to create the Flipagram effect, Add awesome text, videos, timing, Music, Filters and tell you story in an awesome way.

Share to the world your Flipagram via your favorite social media and apps like whatsapp, Facebook, Kik Messenger, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+ and of course Flipagram.

flipagram for pc online

What you can do with Flipagram

  • You can search the top trending music on the music section.
  • Create new stuff with the trending songs.
  • Add your favorite videos and pictures for free
  • Use popular music for free
  • Add text with beautiful fonts that makes it stand out.
  • Get likes and comments on your videos and pictures
  • Enter the cool selfie cam mode to take that unique selfie.
  • Add voice narration and auto timer for vine and instagram
  • Share to your favorite social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kik, Vine, Pinterest, Wechat and more.
  • Find and follow new friends.
  • Get reflips and reflip more images and videos.
  • Edit your images with cool filters.
  • Explore hashtags and get editors pick.
  • Resume latter feature

Download Flipagram for PC on Mac and Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

You probably have Flipagram on your mobile phone, if you use an Android device, Windows phone and iOS enabled phone, you can download Flipagram on the app store of your device.

How about downloading it on your PC for Mac and Windows. The PC version can be download using 3 different methods, which will be explained below.

Method 1: Using the Andyroid Simulator.

Never mind the name, you can use this simulator on Mac OS and Windows alike.

Flipagram for PC download instruction using Andyroid

  1. Click on Andyroid to download the application on your Mac or Windows PC.
  2. Install Andyroid on your PC and run the application. Sign up to the application, you may enter your Google store credentials to gain access.
  3. Inside the Andyroid search the Google Playstore for Flipagram.
  4. Select Flipagram and download the app on your PC, you can now continue with Flipagram instructions to start enjoying this wonderful application.
  5. If you are experiencing troubles, check if your video driver is updated, and check if virtualization is enable in the BIOS.

Method 2: Install Flipagram on PC using Bluestack

The Bluestack is one of the earliest emulators for apps, it can work on both Mac and Windows OS. This application will allow you full access to Flipagram, once you have downloaded and installed you now have Flipagram for PC running on your Mac or Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Flipagram for PC Online download instruction

  1. Download and install Bluestack for PC,  follow the steps and instruction guide for the application.
  2. Once it is running on your PC , search for Flipagram in the App store. Install and run Flipagram.
  3. Follow the Flipagram for PC installation instruction until it is finished. After this you now have full access to Flipagram on your Mac OS and Windows PC.

Method 3: Flipagram for PC using iPadian

iPadian is an iOS emulator that can be used by windows PC and Mac OS. It mimics the Mac interface and features the Apple store, where you can download featured apps. Flipagram for PC is one of the apps you can download on the iPadian.

Instruction on how to download Flipagram for PC online

  1. Download and install iPadian, follow the installation instruction.
  2. Once you have concluded the installation, open the application and search using the Apple store for Flipagram.
  3. Install Flipagram on your PC and now you can start creating more beautiful images and pictures with Flipagram for PC online now.

If you used any of the methods above successfully, share with us which one worked best for you. We would give available update on Flipagram for PC online when it is available.

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