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How to Fast and Accurately Write like a Pro

I cannot claim to be an excellent writer; in fact when I was a teenager, a close friend who had relocated to another city wrote me a letter. He addressed it with my initials, which is also my dads too. Well he read the letter before I did, and pointed out that he was impressed with his writing.

That was true, his writing was superb, and more so mine can’t match his. Over the years, I have fumbled and mumbled with every attempt to write with excellence without sweat. Not until I found the secret in reading articles by good writers, and following simple tricks that can help me write better.

Simple tips to writing fast and getting Inspired.

I will like to share with you the simple trick that can make you write like a pro. My caveat: I am still a work in progress, but you can learn faster from this tricks I have learnt.

Headline Inspector: The best headlines are the ones that catches your attention, this is how to get your readers interested in your content. It is the sign post that advertises the post, in a brief second it must appeal to your audience. One of the simple test you can use is to ask, can this pass for a magazine headline. If X and Y person sees this headline will they jump in and read. Howevermistake some writers do is to write for themselves, you must always remember that your writing is intended to reach someone who is interested in what you have written.

Keep a side notepad or diary: It is easier for me to write a whole book in my mind,but putting my thoughts down is always challenging. The trick to getting it all down, is to jot down key points and ideas that keeps flying in my mind, I also write down ideas, thoughts, opinions as they come. The notepad as been of tremendous help to me, considering the fact that it serves as a pull of ideas and thoughts. I keep a diary and also use apps on my tablets, on it I use Evernote, Flava and Memo for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

Read to learn more on styles: I mentioned earlier that reading articles and writings of pros, have helped me improve my writing skills. I always consider writings that made me super excited, or have bubbles that prompts me to catch my breath, read the lines over and over, or jump in excitement as good writings. Writings that addresses the audience needs is a good writing, more so one that the reader considers very beneficial.

Chicago Manual of Style: If you can lay your hands on this timeless manual of writing, please get one. Chicago Manual of Style, contains a full detail of writing formats, grammars, tones, use of words and salutation amongst other details. I refer to it from time to time, I also make it a point of duty to read 10 pages each week. You will never go wrong with this one, especially now that social media has twisted the way we write and made the improper look proper.

Chat and solve real problems: I found this to be a common trick, most pros do write on solutions that most people have a challenge with. If you are inclined towards solving a challenge, you will find the urge to write. Another way is to chat with people, during discussion ideas and points to arise. Pros do organize live interviews, webinars and chat sessions on Google Hangout, Skype and other media. The chats and interviews are most times transcribed, I have found it to be a simple way of writing.

Use Voice to Speech transcribers: In the opening of one of the Borne Identity Trilogy, Jason Borne’s contact was seen talking while his speech was translated into text on his computer. I was thrilled when I saw this; with an extensive research I found Dragon Naturally Speaking. This device is the right device for individuals who love to pour their thoughts through speeches directly into texts.  Dragon Naturally Speaking can be used in multiple scenarios, I find it very handy and useful for meetings, interviews, and writers alike.

Find passion in writing: If you want to know about someone with a passion, check out their level of commitment. This is easily found in sports, you need to increase your level of passion to stay focused. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is one book written for writers, I have learnt a lot from the experience of the author. I understand now that the secret to finding passion in writing is to stay focused, also over time I have observed thatfocus brings clarity to a subject matter. It expands the subject matter and finds a way around to solve the challenge until it is accomplished.

Timer and Planner: Be specific about the time frame you need to get your writing done, once you have that in place; your energy is directed towards accomplishing this goal. Been realistic with the time frame is important, good authors devote a single day to churn out one great post. A great amount of time is allotted to planning and research, hence the need to have a plan. Having a template for writing is not a bad idea, it will help you to understand how to beginand it will guide you all the way through. I will be designing a template soon; to get one free subscribe via email at the top right hand corner.

Tell one or more people about your next writing: I challenge myself to write well, I also tend to stay committed when I have told someone about my next writing project. One trick I once used well is to place a penalty on myself, if I miss a writing deadline or fail to write within a specified period I pay the price. I remember committing to give out two weekends to run errands and chores for a friend, if I fail to meet a writing deadline. I braced up, and ensured I completed it before the deadline.

The journey continues for me, what about you? How have you been able to cope with writing?

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