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Fallout Shelter Android and PC Version Download with Tips

A fallout shelter is designed to protect people from the effect of radiation and radioactive debris as a result of a nuclear explosion. The Fallout shelter app for android is in high demand considering that the iPhone and iPad users are currently enjoying the app, also the app has recorded a huge success following its surprise release early 2015.


The company that developed the app; Bethesda is expected to launch the Fallout 4 by November for Xbox One, PS and PC. Other successful apps developed by the company include the Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 3, also the Fallout Shelter for iOS.

Fallout shelter android

Fallout Shelter Android

The Fallout shelter for android is the latest in the works for Bethesda, they have previously developed Fallout Shelter for iOS and now it is the turn of Android. It is one of the most shared games socially, it is free and among the top 100 apps in the store.

What to expect in the Fallout Shelter Android

As a player you are in charge of an underground facility that keeps people safe from the effect of the destruction and dangers of the wasteland, you are to manage the vault and develop it to a safe and convenient haven that will make its inhabitant or dwellers very happy.

Just like any community, you have to build, expand, secure, seek new opportunities and lead the growing community. You will need to feed your dwellers with a constant flow of lunch boxes, while you may find yourself short of this. The game has an in-app purchase of up to 40 lunch boxes to keep up with the growing demand of the dwellers, ask other players about how to get free robux currency.

New Additions to Fallout Shelter Android 

To make the wasteland exploration easy and fun, a new Robot called Mr Handy has been introduced to collect resources and ward off enemies and prey off the vault.

Two predators are also been introduced – The Death Claws and Mole Rats, they attack the vault and cause damage. The Mole rat infestation is something you do not want to see and the attacks and invasion of the Death Claws can set you back.

Download Fallout Shelter Android

Fallout Shelter Android Version Cheats

You need to quickly build rooms and utility such as water treatment plant and power station, Your power station should be well staffed while you have enough dwellers to occupy the available rooms.

Tap on dwellers to check their skills, strength and stats. This will help you decide the room they will function in best, you have to match the room function with dwellers skills. Tap on the hammer on the top right of the screen to view room details.

Find every opportunity to earn lunch boxes, caps are also good to earn. Each completed task and goals earns you a reward. Caps are useful for building the vault, you can use it to remove rocks, expand the rooms, add more facility. It is essentially you currency, earn it from completed task or lunch box.

Always check with Pip-Boy this will be your perfect guide and friend, Add more dwellers to the room especially ideal ones. They help in populating the vault, this in turn helps you to unlock some rooms.

For surviving the wasteland you need to have enough weapons to fight the invaders, place weapons on dwellers to hasten the extermination of the attackers. Dwellers close to the front door should be well equipped and continue all the way down.

Gain more weapons by sending out dwellers to search the wasteland, the more they stay the better the chances of them recovering weapons. Task dwellers with luck and endurance for this assignment. Higher level dwellers are good at bring back goodies.

More dwellers open up the Medbay room, get the medbay and science lab to keep radiation sickness checked. Deploy dwellers to handle accidents on time, ensure you upgrade the health of your door to prevent easy entrance by attackers.

Important terms

  • Endurance makes the dweller survive and last longer in tough conditions
  • Luck is needed to get bounties, outfits, coins and weapons.
  • Intelligence and ability help you escape tough attackers and opponents.
  • Strength will help you fight strong and tough enemies
  • Perceptions is the intuition need to help you find weapons and outfits.
  • Charisma get you favor and gifts from strangers.

Now that you have the details of the Fallout Shelter for Android it is time to play.

Fallout Shelter for PC

To play Fallout shelter for PC, you will need to use an Android emulator to do so.

I hope you learnt a lot from the Fallout Shelter Android and PC Versions, release date is August 13, 2015.

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