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Facetime for Android App Download – With Latest APK release

Facetime is a video communication tool that enables users to video chat over mobile devices and computers. Facetime was developed by Apple to facilitate easy communication on its product, however it is not compatible with non apple products. At the moment Apple is not willing to compromise just as Blackberry did with is Messenging App – BBM.

Apple phone users who switch to Android phones have difficulty moving their  Facetime contacts, with the absence of Facetime on Android devices has made it difficult to communicate with Facetime contacts which before now was difficult. Recently a young developer who was in this predicament found a rare solution and perfect solution to this challenge.

How Facetime for Android was created

Facetime for Android was created using the same technology used for the testing mobile app development, the technology simulates the iOS engine and also incorporates the needed technology to run the app, also included is a contact transfer from existing Apple devices and Phones to android.


For Mobile Phones – Download the Apk  on your mobile phone and run to install the app.

For PC users – Download automatically detects PC installation, connect your phone to system, run the app download to automatically install on your PC.

Updates will be done regularly.

Facetime for Android – The rare solution.

Facetime allows you to use existing contacts on your mobile phone without need to add new one, you can favorite contacts you call frequently. Get full access to recent call list and more.

Understanding Facetime for Communication

To communicate on Facetime you will need to enter your Apple ID to use the apps features and functionalities, it works with Apple products by default, thought there are restrictions.

The features that make the Facetime the communication tool of choice

It has both front and rear camera support, it also allows landscape and portrait rotation. Facetime does not have to be on before it rings, perfect solution that makes you get every call. Even more it rings on every device that has Facetime installed.

Video calls need a built-in FaceTime camera, an iSight camera (built-in or external), a USB video class (UVC) camera, or a FireWire DV camcorder; and a 128-Kbps upstream and downstream Internet connection. Making HD video calls requires a built-in FaceTime HD camera and a 1-Mbps upstream and downstream Internet connection. Receiving HD video calls requires a supported Intel-based Mac.

Why you should ditch  Facetime for Android

Who does not want the option of having a conference call, Facetime restricts you to one on one calling. Whereas Skype and other apps will allow you to add more than one person to a call.

Telecom Providers often restricts the use of Facetime, especially to holder of unlimited plans. Some countries even ban it out-rightly. Skype has more inroads and acceptability with more people and providers. You can easily use data on network or WiFi for Skype.

There is number of video calling alternatives that has made the need to look for Facetime on Android less attractive, though the biggest challenge people face with Facetime is transferring their contacts to Android.

Like most video calling apps, the video quality is first dependent on the Camera and then the HD features of the App. Less distraction on the video windows, it appears when you touch the screen and fades after a while.

facetime for android

Alternatives to Facetime for Android

There are a number of app that function exactly and even better than Facetime, some of these video calling apps are even available on both Android and iOS phones.  If you do not mind having an alternative to the Facetime for Android or the rigours of getting the app is not worth it for you. Find below a good collection of apps that can outperform the Facetime for Android.

Google Hangout – If you have a google account or Gmail, you can use the Google Hangout for video calls and chats. The google hangout has a more robust feature which allows you to video call on your mail box, record your video calls and upload on YouTube. The Google Hangout has almost all the features of Facetime for Android, if not more.

Skype – A product of Microsoft, is one of the legacy video calling applications, and widely accepted. Since its launch it has grown to be one of the biggest and most friendly application. You can login to Skype with your msn, Hotmail or live accounts. You may also register with your Facebook ID.

Features include and not limited to conference calling, rear and front camera functions, HQ videos, call block, zoom and rotations, screen share, screen capture, voice, audio and text communications.

Others include the following.

  •  Wechat
  •  ooVoo
  • Viber
  • Tango

A complete guide to download and install Facetime for Android. Watch out for the Windows 8/ 10 PC version.

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