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Facebook is the largest social media platform in the universe, it is the number one social communication platform for peers, friends, colleagues and associate. It has overtime been fine tuned to support business, advertising and it is also constantly updated and enhanced to improve on the user quality and experience.

Facebook has kicked a lot of other social media platforms out of the market and dethroned several from its number one national and regional spots. A good example is MySpace, Hi5, and Classmates etc. Facebook tend to understand how people love to socialize better than most social media platforms.

So you are on Facebook what do you stand to gain, it is a way to stay connected with friends and family. You can easily share vital information across this platform, advocate group have used it successful for worthy causes and drives and business have been driven to profitability through the Facebook pages and advert mechanisms.

Because of the constant development on the Facebook application and services, frequent and regular updates are done on the apps. It will interest you to know that different android devices have different versions of the app running on them. So the official available update for your own device might be higher or lesser than another device when compared.

The Facebook APK is the ultimate social media app designed to be user-friendly, less data consuming, ease of use and easy to customize.

Enjoy the following on the lastest version of Facebook APK

• See what friends are up to
• Share updates, photos and videos
• Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
• Play games and use your favorite apps

The Facebook APK is allowed for users aged 13 and above only. That is user younger than 13 are not allowed to download the APK.

facebook apk download

Facebook has a number of Apps that does specific things, find below some of the apps:


Facebook Alpha (Android 4.0.3+)

The latest Facebook APK allows user more control and has a cool news feed feature and many more. Get updated and update regularly with the new Facebook APK that is available for free download here.

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