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Download updated Gbwhatsapp apk for iOS and Android

Mobile messengers have taken the place of text messages, Get and Download updated Gbwhatsapp apk for iOS and Android, this is allows you to tweak your whatsapp and enjoy freedom and flexibility of functions.

I know alot of people are here because there are in search of the GBWhatsapp.

What is GBWhatsapp APK?

GBWhatsapp is a new app that is used by smartphone, iPhone and android users for sending instant messages to friends, family and loved ones. A lot of users are using whatsapp until now to send instant message to contacts and these messages are delivered super-fast than other messaging app. Whatsapp restrict users to use one single whatsapp account to a registered mobile number and it does not permit users opening another whatsapp account with the same registered number.

With GBWhatsapp which was developed to allow users to open another account under the same account to send instant messages and even make calls to friends, colleagues, family and loved ones. I will take you through some tutorials on the use and how to install it on your iPhone, android or smartphone device.

Features of GBWhatsapp APK

It can be used for sending Instant messages and making calls

It can work fine on 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi or Edge on your mobile phone

You can chat seamlessly and even call your friends, colleagues, loved ones and families using the app without any additional cost

GBWhatsapp allow user to upload larger size of videos and music files due to its high storage capacity up to 30GB and that of whatsapp is 16GB

  • The picture quality of pictures sent through GBWhatsapp is better compared to that of whatsapp.
  • Can be installed with original whatsapp without crashing.
  • You can change the application and notification Icon
  • You can share movies, music files and other interesting stuff without any sign up
  • It gives you access to share pictures on your phonebook
  • You can use inbuilt theme from the app to change your theme anytime you want to or download some interesting themes.
  • You can send unlimited videos, text messages, voice messages and also images
  • It is 100% free for the first one year and after it may offer various plans to choose from.
  • You can hide your status, profile photo, last seen from others.


GBWhatsapp is the perfect app solution for you if you want to make use of two whatsapp accounts on a single device and free.

Gbwhatsapp apk Android

Check and make sure of checking the unknown sources checked….Settings > Security> Unknown resources

Click on the link to download          Gbwhatsapp APK

After download install the app

After installation click on it and input your mobile phone number and verify the OTP code sent.

Gbwhatsapp apk iPhone

I know a lot of folks i here for the GBWhatsapp for iOS but i am sorry to disappoint you that GBWhatsapp is not yet available at the moment but the developers are working hard to get it designed for iOS user, please keep checking on our page for updates. Thanks

If you have any contribution or update, suggestions i will be looking forward having it and solving any questions. Thanks for checking my page, please try to like our Facebook, Google +, twitter and bookmark for updates.

We like to hear from you, is this helpful share your insight in the comment below. Gbwhatsapp APK.

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