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Candy Crush Tips and Cheats – All versions

Candy crush is probably the most played game on the planet now, if not then it is the fastest growing game on the planet. With over 200 Million download on the Google Play store alone and ranks the 9th most valuable app on the iOS store. One would comfortable say that with its introduction into Windows 10 as a free app, it would have surpassed a billion download by now.

There are two popular variant of the Candy crush: Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda. They have similar features but the Candy Crush Soda can break 4 bubbles while the Candy Crush Saga produces multiple of 5 or more fishes when you merge two together.

At the moment there are about 980 levels in the game, new levels are opened when a number of players are closed to completing all the levels. The task varies and each level have different features, you have 5 lives to use, if you win a level you will retain your life.

Difficult Candy Crush Solutions

Candy Crush Tips

Free Lives

This method adds more lives to your dashboard.

This is method is simple and can be used on most devices, to add more lives to your dashboard.

Request free lives from your friends, your friends can send you free lives if your request or send without your requesting. This can be exploited by asking them to send you free lives which will not be deducted from their own lives.

Second method is to change the time on your device, by going to settings, change the time by adding 2 more hours. When your return back to the game, you will notice your time has been increased.

The third method applies if you have a Facebook or windows app for Candy Crush. If you exhaust the lives on one of your device, go offline and move to Facebook or windows to continue play. Your lives on the other device will still be full. Once you exhausted all, put on the internet to allow Candy Crush update your records.

Replay without loosing lives

You have tapped play and you realized that the board is not really favorable you can reset it before you start playing.  Make sure you have not started playing, tap the menu or settings button at the lower left corner. Tap the exit button and return back to the map, you can do this multiple times. This is useful for difficult levels, and functions only on mobile phones.

This method works if it is un-timed and does not work for Candy Crush Soda and Saga on Facebook and PC.

Record your screen.

Candy Crush on Windows 10 allows you to record your screen, to do so, press Windows Key and G, click or tap on the settings key. Select record screen. If you see a red square button after taping the win key + G, tap it to start screen recording.

Special Candies formation

Special candies give you more points and clear several obstacles at once, if you have 4 candies of the same color lined together you will get a special stripped candy that clears everything on the side the strip face when matched with same color or another special candy.

Candies with the same colors lined in a L shape will give you a wrapped candy, two of these will explode each other. If lined with same colored candy it explodes all candies and obstacles on its path.

If you have five candies lined up you will get a special colored sprinkled candy if it contacts any candy it explodes all candies of the same color, if it contacts a striped or wrapped candy. It will turn all candies of the same color into the stripped or wrapped candy before exploding. if two or the same special colored sprinkled candy contact each other, it produces a mass candy of all types clearing effect.

Color changing candy changes color after every move you make, this alternating colors can be exploded with similar and matching colors.

Clear obstacles

Clear obstacles on your path first, use special candies to do this quickly, look at your board carefully before making a move. Ensure your move is the best before making them, you can do this my examining the situation and use the best combination that will do the desired result.

Suggestion does not allows work

If you use the suggestion, you will soon release that it does not work all the time, if you do not have any good move to make use suggestions if available. And that is after you have carefully attempted a random move.

Other tips

Begin from the bottom, plan your moves, use special candies, watch out for consuming chocolates, clear jellies on the edges.

The following can be purchased in the app.

  1. Extra Moves
  2. Extra Lives
  3. Extra Moves
  4. Extra Move
  5. Lollipop Hammer
  6. 10x Gold Bars package
  7. Extra Moves
  8. Color Bomb
  9. 50x Gold Bars package
  10. Extra Moves

The price tag of these extras ranges from $0.99 to $4.99.

Candy Crush is available for free download on the following platforms

  • Apple Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Amazon App Store
  • Windows Playstore
  • Facebook App

Enjoy the best Candy crush tips and cheats.

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