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Candy Crush Saga Level 77 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Saga Level 77 Cheats and Tips shows you how to clear 9 jellies with 25 moves or less, while you also get more than the required 50,000 points to finish the level. This is a technically difficult level, it is not one of those levels you will finish in a breeze. Level 77 is a master class level that introduces you to the test of skills and moves.

The board is separated into 3 distinct board the allows candies to flow through them. You are required to clear the jellies in the middle board, the board also has one X-Locker and chocolates. The faster you move to clear the jellies and obstruction the better it is for you.

How to clear the Jellies and obstacles on Candy Crush Level 77

You first task to keep the chocolate at bay, if the chocolates spread it make it even more difficult for you to maneuver you way around in this level. Flow of candies can also be obstructed in this level. Though the X-Locker keeps the chocolate in check.

Candy Crush Level 77 Details

  • Level: Easter Bunny Hills
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Level: 77
  • Points: 55,000
  • Candy Colors No: 4
  • Blockers: 65 double layered blocks
  • Task: Clear 5 different blockers.
  • Moves: 45
  • Number of spaces: 63
  • Helpful feature:

To beat level 77, you must be good at making special candy combinations. The vertical striped candy works really well in this level. When you first start the level check the middle part where the jelly squares are and check for any combos

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The middle row is what you need to focus on.
• See if you can make any moves in the middle row.
• Then make as many vertical stripped candies as you can on the board but don’t use them yet.
• Use one and then check again if you can make another move in the middle row.
• Start making color bombs and wrapped candies to help you use just combos to clear the row.
• Don’t waste moves on moves that won’t help you.

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