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Candy Crush Saga Level 305 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Saga Level 305 Cheats and Tips is solved using a unique technique, a maximum of 55 moves is required to clear this level. The edges and the curves on this board make it a bit complicated, blockers and gums on the board require several attempt to clear. The jellies are not friendly either it contains multiple layers that require more than one attempt to clear or candies board that is not friendly.

When you have a complicated board, you need to clear all the jellies in the corner as fast as you can, it may exhaust you moves if you leave it towards the end. There are even blockers that have 5 layers deep in the corners, so you have to come up with a great plan to clear this stage.

From the details below you have to make 140,000 points at least with 55 moves and 72 jellies to clear from the board.

Candy Crush Level 305 Details

  • Level: Jelly Jungle
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Level: 305
  • Points: 140,000
  • Ingredient: 3 other features
  • Candy Colors No: 6
  • Blockers: Nil
  • Task: 2 multi layered jelly and 70 double layered jelly
  • Moves: 55
  • Number of spaces: 72

The trick you will have to use with this level is similar to approaches you have used to clear similar levels in the past.

Key strategy to clear Candy Crush Saga 305

Save the Jelly fishes till you clear most of the jellies on board, combine the jelly fish with a striped candy or sprinkled candy.  The jelly fish will help you clear the 5 layered blockers on board.

Striped candies should be formed at every opportunity, this will help you clear most of the jellies on board, especially corners and hard to reach areas on the board.

Mystery candies should be used at your own risk, you may find special candies or blockers. It should not be a component of your game plan.

1 star: 140,000 points
2 stars: 230,000 points
3 stars: 260,000 points

We will get more surprise bags dropping down as we play along, but we won’t always get the nice stuffs, so we should open them up one by one and deal with any prizes that come our way.

The toughest jellies to clear are found on the bottom corner of the board. So we should focus on those also. The wrapped and striped candy combos in the right place will help us out big time here.

To clear this level continually form combos with special candies to clear the difficult blockers and jellies on board.

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