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Candy Crush Level 165 Tips and Cheats

Candy Crush Level 165 Tips and Cheats is the saving grace you will need to clear one of the hardest levels on Candy Crush. The build up of chocolate blocks that recreates itself after breaking it can only be annoying, it can make you lose a lot of steam and moves.

This level can only remind you of the line in the song, “no mountain is to high for you to climb by R Kelly”. It is one of the levels that requires precise tricks and tricks, at the end the cheat plan will make you scale through. So what are the things you need to watch out for.

Details of Candy Crush Level 165

  • Level: 165
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Episode Name: Cupcake Circus
  • Ingredient: 99 Blue Candy, 49 Yellow Candy, and 24 Green Candy
  • Target Score: 50,000 points
  • Candy Color Type Numbers: 6
  • Blocker Types: Chocolates, and Bombs
  • Moves: 60
  • Number of Spaces: 64

How to Play the Candy Crush Level 165 Tips

The chocolate factory is working at its full peak and it is not relenting on its production rate, however you need to make the best of the 60 moves and meet 50,000 points and collect 99 Blue Candy, 49 Yellow Candy, and 24 Green Candy. The option of having an extra feature like the bomb as made it quite easy and difficult at the same time.

The Bomb has a countdown that blows up when the time runs out, the bad thing about the bomb is that if it blows in your face. It will end your game untimely, it does not matter where you are in the game, once the bomb explodes it is game over. Therefore your final priority is to take care of the bombs as soon as it seems.

The chocolate factory is constantly producing chocolates, new ones are produced as your destroy them or with any move you make. Clear chocolates horizontally and vertically with special candies and candy combination, clear out chocolates in bulk as much as you can. Do not get choked with chocolate it can also end the game easily.

The secret: Focus on the Blue Candies, the other colors will fill out its quota, build opportunity for clearing out large number of blue candies. You will need to get rid of 99 candies to complete this level, and that is a lot. To make this easily, get six candies to form a sprinkled candy match it with blue candies to clear out many of them. Wrapped candies and stripped candies also does so much with the clearing of the candies and the chocolates.

The number of moves left must not deter you from playing to the end, sometimes the last move might clear out all the remaining outstanding deliverable.

  • To clear bombs: Match the bomb with relevant color combo.
  • Candy supply is from the top, clear and free some chocolates as soon as you can, and never allow it to block the top where the candy supply comes from.
  • Short of blue candies: Clear out combos of other colors to introduce more blue candies.
  • Since the game provides random inputs, make every move count and calculate every move carefully.

Do not beat yourself if you do no clear it at once, keep trying you will scale through. If you need more lives see this post on getting more lives on candy crush.



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