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Best Free Flashlight App for Android and iOS

Mobile flashlights app is good for photos, vision and video, get the best free flashlight apps for android and iOS. This quality of lights, speed, intensity, brightness and more is of importance when using a mobile phones flashlight. The best of the lights has features that can illuminate pitch black environment and also save battery power for long lasting use.

The best flashlight app for android and ios does more than what most flashlight does. The lightweight app controls all the light on the phone to give different meaning and functions. Most smartphones now have a button or tab for the inbuilt flashlight, however, the flashlight app has advanced features.

The best use of the flashlight can best be appreciated if you are lost at sea, car crash, night, caution others about danger and more.

Best Flashlight App for Android and iOS

Flashlight apps are really fading off over the course of few years, Google has become the addition to Android as long as the Lollipop OS and OEM has mostly been including them in their OEM skins for a longer period. They’re still some of us that make use of the third party apps with their features not available in their native version of iOS and Android. Below are some list of the best flashlight Apps for Android user.

Tiny Flashlight

This free flashlight app comes with some unique features that are expected in the category of flashlight apps like the strobe, warning lights, morse tools.  Although the app separates itself from the rest with some great unique personalized features.

Mostly white light is often overly too harsh with almost all the flashlight apps but the tiny flashlight enables users to be able to modify the settings of the brightness of their phone and also their color. With just a simple technique of horizontal or vertical swipe on the screen of your phone, you can easily adjust the color of from dark to light or vice versa and entirely across the color spectrum.

It also comes with a lot of unique and distinct features although mostly novelty than practically.

Download now from Google play store here

best free flashlight for android

Flashlight IOS

The flashlight is a great wonderful hiking partner if you fails up when on use. Although the altitude tracker is definitely sure to entice the niche The strobe is adjustable, which makes this app ideal for flagging down in time of emergency or if your bike light goes dead or off in the middle of a trip.

Download on iTunes here

IOS Best Flashlight

A lot of flashlight apps experience a lot of delay before the, you can get the D lights on. Well, the good news is this free flashlight apps incorporate what we can call an INSTANT ON features on their app which takes the delay off. The 10 Stobe frequency and the brightness of the LED make this app of more a good relevant app to a lot of users. And another interesting fact is that the LED Brightness controls help you in saving a lot on battery usage which is a plus.

Download on iTunes here

Best Flash Light

This app is really loaded with a lot of easy to use features beyond the normal functions like the instant power on features and strobe light and has a clip off and clap on features which allow immediate and hands-free illumination. There is also a timer for light and also an energy saver mode also a light and with a zoom feature for a video that allows the user to view smaller fonts.

Download on iTunes here  

Super Bright LED Flashlight

This app has a very lovely and great functionality and interface, the interface has been carefully designed to resemble what we can call a basic handheld torchlight. A slide on the power showing on your screen switches the flashlight beam. With a lot of flashlights, the surrounding portion of the lamp is readily adjustable to contract or expand the beam. The easy use of the flashlight makes the app worth the good rating.

Download it here

The best free flashlight app for android and ios is good and ideal for a smartphone that does not have the default flashlight tab

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