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BBM Pins – Social network for Pin exchange or random Pins

What is BBM Pin? this is a communication access available for BlackBerry Messenger service users, the pin contains random numbers and words unique to individual users. For native blackberry users the pin is locked to the mobile device. It is however of interest to know that the revolution behind the introduction of BBM on Android/iOS have created a higher wave of users on the platform, thus giving birth to a new form of social network.

BBM pins share is very popular in the UK and has been used as a boy meet girl platform in some instances, most of this growing BBM Pin social network even encourage random access to Pins and Pin exchange. While some of such network exposes Celebrity BBM Pins.

What is BBM

BBM is an acronym for Blackberry messenger, It is a proprietary Internet-based pin instant messenger and video telephony application included on BlackBerry devices that allows messaging and voice calls between BlackBerry, iOS and Android users. Users on Blackberry 10 can also use video calling.

The technology was developed by Research in Motion (RIM) now known as Blackberry Limited, for a long time the service was locked to Blackberry devices. As a growth strategy they evolved to develop the app for iOS and Android platform. They app got millions of download in the first week of launch on the iOS and Android stores.

What is BBM Pins

Though I have tried to shed a bit of light on this earlier, the BBM Pin is a unique identify for users of the BlackBerry Messaging Service. each user have a unique code called pin which is used to connect other users and add them to your network. It is a form of permission code to allow other users to connect with you or get connected to others, also users have the chance to accept or request or reject it. One challenge is this, it is sometimes difficult to know a requesting users if the name that appears is a nickname, or the image is a random one.

BBM Pin Exchange Network

This is like a social media platform that allows BBM users to add their Blackberry Pins and also look for other users to chat with, their are several reasons people join such platform. This includes for marketing, dating, casual dating, connection, seeking a new friend and of course some users might also be on the platform for the wrong reasons. I strongly believe that members of such network are doing so at their own risk, considering the fact that a random person can contact you, this could lead to good or bad things.

BBM Pins


The social network is popular in the UK, the most popular BBM Pin social network have about 250,000 users connected and they are frequently visited all year round.

These websites allow users to create a profile page with a profile photo and basic info such as a username, age, sex and country. Users can then add their BBM pin. Once users become “friends” on the website, they are able to see each others BBMpins. Other features include on site messaging, browsing and searching of users by country, age and gender, and walls similar to Facebook.

Some other countries have similar networks as sub network in Facebook and some on popular forums by country. A quick search for BBM Pins will give you a quick list of such countries.

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