Android 4.2.2 Update for Samsung Galaxy S3

As you may be aware updates are released to fix issues, bugs or add a design upgrade to the previous version release, from time to time Android releases updates that will help end users to enjoy their devices. The Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 is not the latest version, however most users with a relatively lower version might need to upgrade to this version, and due to likely compatibility issues, having a 4.2.2 upgrade is advised.

As of the time of writing the latest Android update version is the 4.4.4 the Android KitKat, this version provides a fix to the Samsung Galaxy S5 which is now the latest release, however for users of the previous releases of Android, you can always upgrade to the next available upgrade for your device. Most updates depend also on the Mobile phone manufacturers release also, if you are having difficulty updating it to 4.2.2.

samsung galaxy

You can use this unofficial hack to update.

Please note:

  • Flashing this firmware will augment your flash count
  • there is no modem found within this package, therefore the modem will remain the same one that you had before flashing
  • this is a pre-released version and not the official version

Flashing Instructions

1. Download the firmwire

2. Decompress the file I9300XXUFME3_i9300OJKFME1_HOME.tar.md5. You will then obtain the firmware here.

3. Open Odin 3.04 (you’ll find it in the package)

4. Restart your phone in download mode (press on home + power + volume down), then validate with volume up.

5. Connect your smartphone to your computer and wait for the top left window on Odin to turn blue.

6. Add the folder with the Rom (I9300XXUFME3_i9300OJKFME1_HOME.tar.md5 ) in the PDA line.

7. Verify that the ”re-partition” line isn’t checked.

8. Click on start and wait a few minutes.

9. Once Odin shows the words PASS!, that means that the process is complete!

Samsung’s main concern now seems to be that the the S4, which hardly differs from the Galaxy S3 on the outside, has now lost a little more of its originality. If you consider that its strength is its many extra features, potential buyers can now simply opt to get a marked-down S3.

The Android 4.2.2 has most of the features in the Samsung Galaxy S4 it is up to you to decide if you would upgrade or get the higher version. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is also bound to be released by April next year.

Caveat: Flashing process involves some risk and may void your warranty, due diligence is advised.


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