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    A luxury that fits your budget – The Mercedes Benz CLA Model

    By on April 8, 2013

    When Mercedes announced it will be producing a compact executive car, a lot of people thought it will be one of the hard to get range of automobile. The Mercedes CLA is a four door coupe with an elegant finish, this automobile packs the full luxury of a Mercedes brand.

    The 2014 model is due this September, starting at $30,000.00. This automobile is definitely for those who cannot afford the high premium brand, for those who truely loves automobile, having a Mercedes brand is the real deal. The Mercedes CLA will compete favorably with other mid range cars, breaking into this market means a new turn for Mercedes lovers and the company.

    The car comes with FWD and AWD 4matic system. If you are buying a new car the Mercedes is a great car to consider.

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